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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Singapore, Singapore

Located in the historic Chinatown district of Singapore, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a Chinese Buddhist Temple. The five-storey temple is famed worldwide for storing what is supposedly the left canine tooth of Lord Buddha, recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India.

This relic is housed in a massive 320 kg, solid gold stupa, sitting dazzlingly on a 4th-floor room. The chief draw of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple lies in its design and architecture, which has been extensively-researched to replicate the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty and the Buddhist Mandala.

The Buddhist Cultural Museum located on the third floor of this stunning edifice houses sacred artefacts of Lord Buddha while the beautiful rooftop garden centres the world’s biggest Buddhist prayer wheel, topped off by an elegant pagoda. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is also home to the Eminent Sangha Museum which is essentially a theatre holding religious talks, cultural performances and relevant screenings.

This majestic place of worship, which is touted as one of the most photogenic attractions in the world, is a must-visit in Singapore.

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