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One of the most popular neighbourhoods of Singapore, Chinatown is all about hustle bustle and authentic Chinese food and culture.

Chinatown is one of a popular hotspot for sightseeing in Singapore where one can get a glimpse of traditional shop houses, temples and heritage. The area is lined up with small shops serving authentic Chinese food, bright red lantern gracing the walls. Amid the atmosphere filled with excitement and a bit of chaos is the Thian Hock Keng Temple with rooftop dragons dedicated to the Goddess of Sea; the vibrant and full of festivity, Hindu Sri Mariamman Temple adorned with colourful cows and depictions of the gods and the Chinese heritage Centre.

Heritage markers in various languages such as English, Japanese, simplified Chinese are installed for better understanding of the importance of the area. Another temple worth a visit is Buddha Tooth Relic temple where one can hear the morning drum ceremony as early as 4 am or can witness the closing ceremony in the evening. Chinatown is also home to the trendy Ann Siang Hill area lined up with high-end boutiques, old-school bistros and many shopping malls including the peopleÍs Park. The place is also a perfect hotspot for foodies with a myriad option of array of street food at the Chinatown Complex hawker centre.

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