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Night Safari

Singapore, Singapore

Kick off your adventure at the world’s first and only Night Safari with an exciting Thumbuakar performance as the ethnic dancers heat up your night with their energy, rhythm and amazing fire-eating skills.  
Thereafter, hop on board an exciting tram ride with live commentary and begin your 40-minute wildlife expedition through 7 geographical zones of the world, beginning with the Himalayan Foothills, Indian Subcontinent and Equatorial Africa. Be greeted by the Himalayan tahrs and bharals as they graze into the night. Keep an eye out for the striped hyenas and the endangered Gir lions at the Indian Subcontinent. At the plains of Equatorial Africa, you will see giraffes, zebras, hippopotami and more.
For up close viewing of animals, alight at East Lodge and embark on the Leopard Trail. 
Catch the beautiful leopards in action as you observe them up close through the glass windows of the viewing gallery. Not to be missed here is the walk-through habitat housing the giant flying squirrels. Watch in awe as they glide from tree to tree, sometimes coming down for a landing on the lower branches near you. 
Hop back onto the tram and continue the rest of the journey with Indo-Malayan Region, Asian Riverine Forest, Nepalese River Valley and the Burmese Hillside.
Along the Indo-Malayan route,you will see the endangered Malayan tiger. As the tram meanders into the Asian Riverine Forest, keep your eyes peeled to the tapirs foraging for leaves and be greeted by a herd of Asian elephants!  Other animals to look out for on the remaining journey are the sambar deer, greater Asian rhinoceros, thamins and more.
For the finale, proceed to watch the “Creatures of the Night Show”.  This 20-minute animal extravaganza will thrill you as you witness the natural talents of the otter, binturong, civet and more. Watch, learn, be entertained and even be part of the act. 
Return back to the hotel by coach.

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